Cattykisms 105

Cuddle Bug knows I’m busy trying to do something but no, she’s not with that at all.  My feet, she’s killing me, ouch.  I believe she thinks my feet are long lost “cousins” or a something.  No, not from the smell.

When my grand daughter “Claire Bear” was near three years old, she asked Grandpa for a kitten.  She was so cute, always funny, always wanting to act like she was grown up.  How could I say no?  A few days later, I drove from Jacksonville to Moultrie, Ga. to pick up my youngest son Duane.  He had been visiting friends.  While I was there, I noticed that their cat, a Himalayan, had a litter of kittens.  I asked if I could have one, I was pleasantly surprised that they were going to just give me one.

That’s the way Georgia people are.  If they like you and think of you as a friend, they’ll give you the shirt off of their back.  I didn’t want to insult them, so I gave them $100 bill to them for my son’s board.  That seem to even things out some.

Kozmo was like no other cat or kitten that I had ever been around.  He would follow her from room to room. If she put him in a baby stroller, he stayed right where she put him, until she was ready to mover him somewhere else.  If he wanted something, he wouldn’t hesitate to ask.  I can’t explain it, but he could warble his voice, making me that I could understand him.


The Fire Department is right across the street from my house.  They leave food out for the cats, every night.  Our neighborhood is a haven for feral cats.  One day a beautiful adult female Siamese started appearing at my front door.  Especially when I was feeding the rest of the cats.  Oh, I couldn’t touch her, she would move just out of hands reach.

“Baby’s Mama drama” stuff, the next time I get to see Claire bear, Kozmo is a grown beautiful Himalayan adult male.  Proud as a peacock.  Friendly, docile, playful everything you could ask for but he wasn’t a kitten anymore.  She said, “But Grandpa, I want a kitten.”


As luck would have it, my neighbor knocked on my door and said, “Your cat had kittens in my shed.”  After checking it out, there was the female Siamese with 6, five week old kittens.  I brought them home with me, she wouldn’t get nearer than five feet to me.  I put her litter on the porch.  Claire had 6 new kittens to play with.


Then she was visiting almost every day.  Next thing you know, she’s living with her Daddy, next door.  I get to enjoy her company and watch her play with the kittens.  I kept four of the kittens.  One male and 3 females.  Did you know that everyone of them had either a bob tail or no tail, which made them unique.  I sold the other two on Craigslist for 50 bucks.  It took about 1 hour.


Claire would play house with them, serve them tea, walk them in the stroller, change their diapers.  From my side of it, it was all worth the trouble.  I didn’t have the income to lavish her with gifts but I did try to provide her with the things I thought she liked the most, kittens.


More “Baby’s Mama drama,” now we don’t get to see Claire Bear any more, at all.  Her Mom has remarried and doesn’t want her daughter to know anything about her Daddy’s family.

Claire’s mama’s grandmother lives next door.   One day Claire snuck over during a visit and told us, that she wasn’t allowed to talk to us but she loved us and would run away from home, just as soon as she turns 16.


The four kittens? Shorty, Bunny Mae, Kozmic and Bunny Boo Boo.  They started having babies of their own.  Just in case Claire showed up at Grandpa’s house again, I wanted to make sure she had a kitten she could play with.  I soon got Pepsi, a Lynx Point rag doll from a friend, then she had Daisy and Yoda.

That has been many years gone by.  No sign of Claire, yet.  I keep her a litter of kittens to play with, just in case one day she shows up.  When they get 8 weeks of age, I put them on Craigslist, then it was Hoobly, and then Facebook.  Gradually, I went up 50 dollars every litter.  Now I have a waiting list for kittens.

I went looking for Kozmo one day.  I asked a lady EMT Technician from the Fire Dept. if she had seen my cat.  She told me in confidence that she saw two firemen throw a blanket over him and toss him into the trunk of a car.  This was a week or so after the fact, she didn’t want me to use her as a witness.  I sucked it up, I still had Shorty.


Shorty picked up the slack, I used the money I made off of the litters to build a “Kitty Heaven,” on the rear of the house.  Eventually I built the Kitty palace on the front.  I keep two males now, always one for back up.  Shorty was shot with an arrow.  The night before I had seen two of the firemen practicing with a bow.  I took him to the Vet, he was tough he made it.  A year or two later, he was napping under the car when some one released the brake and the car rolled over on top of him.

Oh he was tough though.  He survived for another year, how, I don’t know.  Now I have Yoda and Pretty Boy.  Yoda is a Himalayan and Pretty Boy is a doll face Persian.  It is mandatory that I keep them apart, or it’s a fight to the death, usually mine, when I try to break it up.  Now, I am sorta semi-famous on Facebook for breeding Rag Doll kittens.  Customers come from all over the United States to get them.  One buyer was from Bangkok, Thailand, he bought two solid white kittens with blue eyes.

Now my kitty customers are my Facebook friends, we have our own Kitty Culture.  My friends share pictures of their kittens with me.  My extended family.  Now, instead of just Claire Bear, my kittens bring joy to little girls (and grown up ones too), all over the United States.




Claire should be 12 this year, I miss her.  Maybe she’ll surprise us and just show up.  “Hear that Cuddle Bug?  Are you still playing with my socks?”






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