CattyKisms 108



When I’m looking for inspiration or to set the mood for one of my stories, I look to my photo gallery of kitty pictures.


Be it laughter or a somber mood, my friends never fail me.


Since 88,000 homes in America have a cat, having a story that appeals to cat owners, only increases your odds of success.



There are nights when I can’t sleep, especially after a powerful dream.  Nights like these I want to write my dreams down before I forget them.  My kittens are the first to join me at the keyboard, soon followed by the adults.



The cats instantly recognize the images of other cats.  Intrigued they sit stoically while I pound the keys.



That is until curiosity takes control and they can no longer sit idly by.  Then they bum rush the monitor, only to claw fruitlessly against the glass screen, confounding their piqued interests, leaving cat hairs behind in their wake.



If their company gets to be too much for me to continue with my story telling, I turn on the electric blanket, behind me on the bed.  Then, one, by one the cats find a spot on the bed where they can curl up and keep one eye open while they view the screen.



A temporary truce is called between spatting factions until I get up from my seat to put on a pot of coffee.  Then its a procession into the kitchen, spitting and sputtering, each wanting to be first to garner my attention.



I speak to them in a soothing voice and count heads.  Once the count gets to about 8 or 9, I proceed to open a can of salmon, slice up some oven roasted turkey or a fresh can of tuna.  There is always one or two busy in the litter box.  Before I start dishing out the treats, I try to make sure no one is missing.



The mothers are strict disciplinarians.  I feed them separate, each in their own nook or cranny.  While they are feeding, they don’t allow any other cat to intrude on their domain.



The males have to be fed in separate rooms or else the kitchen becomes a sparring ring.



Once I get everyone’s breakfast served, then it’s my turn to make my cup of coffee and return to my keyboard, Oh where was I?





One thought on “CattyKisms 108

  1. Mike… all of these stories! Are they all from one lifetime or memories of previous lifes, or maybe dreams .I have followed you from a being a breeder taking cute pictures of kittens, to a very good photographer who gets great shots and catches light just right. Do you train or pay them to pose? You know you sell so many kittens because of your pictures. And now you are a published author. Glad to have met you, Good work.


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