CattyKisms 108

White Cats

What is it about white cats/kittens?  Everybody loves them, especially if they have blue eyes.

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They are special.  One man called me from Bangkok, Thailand.

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He wanted two white kittens with blue eyes.  The first thing in my head was, I’ve heard stories about Asians eating cats, hopefully not this guy.  He laughed when I said that.  He told me he had heard of it too but for me not to worry, he doesn’t eat cats.  The next day, his courier came by my house and picked up the two kittens.  Come to find out, he was working in Thailand, he lived in Florida.

My best sellers, people will send me a deposit and wait in line for one of my white kittens.  I don’t really get that many, about 8 to 10 per year.  Maybe I should keep a female.  Folks come from New York, Tulsa, Ok., Miami, Tampa, Houston and even Chicago to get one.

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One thing about white cats, they fit in with your living room decor, what ever motif you have.

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If you are only going to have one cat, it should be a white one, they are hard to resist.

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All you guys out there, if you want to capture her heart forever, give her a white kitten.  Money in the bank.

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Mom and Dads, if your little girl wants a kitten, one that will be hers, even after she leaves home. A white kitten is a must. None of her friends will have a kitten quite like hers, because they don’t grow on trees.

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Me and mine.127


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