CattyKisms 109

I guess everyone wanted to sleep in late this morning.  It must have been a rough night because I got to sleep until 6:30. Or maybe its just the cooler weather.  I had kittens on my mind when I woke up this morning. My brain is still kinda foggy, waiting for the coffee to perk, but I guess I was dreaming about cute kitties.

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Well, if that be the case, let’s start this day off right.  Kittens to the left of me, kittens to the right, here I am, right in the middle of dozens of cute kitty pics.

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Let me go check on that coffee, can you guys handle it for a minute until I get back?

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I know it may be hard to believe but some people never seem to get enough of cute kitty pics.  Me?  I guess I fall into that category.  Just lucky I guess.  I can think of worse things to have on your mind when you wake up every morning.

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I am sure that there are quite a few people that agree with me on this subject.  If so, let me here from you and I’ll be posting more.  I know, not every one is a kitty person.  It didn’t take effect on me until I was in my 60’s.  All I have to say about that is, “better late than never.”

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Okay, let me drain this cup of coffee and finish up my kitty pics for today. I’ve got my kitty fix.  I’ll be in good shape for the rest of the day.

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Brrrr! Cold this morning.A person’s body normal body temp is 98.6, well a cat’s normal body temp is 101 degrees.  Remember, even though they have a fur cut, if you’re cold, so are they.  Bring ’em in and let them keep you company.  If they do for you, what they do for me, it’s a good investment.

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