CattyKisms 111

Surprises?  My cats and kittens never fail to surprise me.  They are such wonderful creatures.  If you observe them on a daily basis like I do, you’ll notice that they have expressions and personalities so much like humans, it’s heartwarming.

The cartoons and memes that you see and read on the internet, brighten my day.  If you have to have a fault, then being a kitty person is one you can grow old with.

Cats can add humor to an otherwise dull world.  Just when I  think I’ve seen it all, heard it all or just get disgusted and say I’m through with it all, I notice a kitten playing with the blinds or turning the pages on an opened book.  They can distract us from the everyday realities that can be so depressing if you let them.

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They keep me from being lonely, they brighten my world.  I spend my time and money providing for them, to give them back what they do for me.


Just when I think I’ve seen it all.  I find out that they aren’t through yet with finding ways to entertain me.

Pretty Boy, my doll faced Persian, hates getting a bath.  Every time I try to clean his long white fur, it ends up costing me a trip to the ER.

But once I see the results, it’s well worth the trouble.


How do you put a price on happiness?  Because that’s what my cats do, they make me happy.  I can’t put a price on what there presence does for me.  Their value is so much more than I can ever repay.  What do they demand in return?  Your love, your time and your loving care .


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I don’t mind their surprises so much any more, in fact I look forward to them.  Just as long as they don’t leave it in my shoe.


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