“I awoke last night to the sound of thunder.  How far off, I sat and wondered.”

Uh, Thanks Bob.  I think I’ve got it from here.

It must have been a real frog strangler. I awoke in the middle of the night.  I looked to my clock and it was blinking 12:00 over and over, like de jevu or something. A quick glance at my security monitor and it looked like I was under surveillance by an owl.

No going back to sleep now. I wondered if my computer was alright and got up to check it out.  Well, the screen came on but I wasn’t getting any response.  Wait, if the power was off, maybe I need to reset the date or something.  Isn’t that what you are supposed to do when the power goes off?  Still groggy, the only lights in the room were my blinking clock, the peering glare I was getting from the owl on the monitor and the bright light of the computer screen.

Okay, let’s see what happens.  How do I do this again.  My sons have showed me how a dozen times, maybe I can do this.  It’s either too late or too early to wake anybody up to show me how.

Bottom right corner, right? Let’s see.  Yep there it is, Reset the date and time.  I clicked the icon and waited and waited and waited.  I might have even dozed off waiting for the screen to tell me what to do.

Okay, the computer reset to April 9, 2002.  That’s my start date.  I need to advance it to the present to get my computer to work.  Okay, let’s give it a try.

It takes a little while for it to advance to the future,  May, June, July, come on, come on.  Finally a year has passed, keep going.  Still sleepy, I thought I heard someone tapping at my window.  I took my finger of the mouse, to look out the window.

My brother Gary use to do that, to wake me up early to go fishing.  Maybe I was still dreaming, I didn’t see anything or anybody in the dark.

I looked back to my screen, not fully aware of my actions, I clicked on the computer and the screen came on.  I checked the date, it was June 2003.  This can’t be right, I thought.  Let me check out my Facebook page.  There grinning at me through the screen was my brother Gary.  He was holding a nice size Snook.  I remember that day.  He caught the limit while I was still trying to untangle my backlash from my first cast.

Instinctively, I typed a comment to the post, “Yeah, I remember that day.  You talked me into cleaning your fish, while you drank beer and watched.”

I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I immediately got a responding reply, “Oh, you know how squeamish my stomach gets when I see fish guts.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Gary passed away in November, 2006.  I was stupefied.  Uh, how is this happening. Why is this happening.  Just to be sure I sent him a reply, “Hey, was that you tapping at my window this morning.”

His response on the screen read, “Yes, we were supposed to go fishing.”

Trying to recollect back to June 2003, maybe we were supposed to go fishing.  I hit him back with, “The last time you and I went fishing, I spent 3 days in a Tallahassee jail for murder.”  (I know everyone remembers the Seminole Lake Murder Mystery.) We got caught up in that.  They let us go, eventually but not soon enough for me.

Inquisitively I asked him where he was and he sent back, “I don’t know for sure, but it’s dark.  I can see you though.”

Stranger things have happened to me, I gotta say but this was weird.

The next message read, “Hurry up.  C’mon we’re waiting for you.”

This is getting to be too much but I was curious now.  I messaged back, “Who is we?”  His reply was, “Bug and Duane, we’re ready to go.”

No, No, No.  This can’t be, they’re dead, passed on years ago.  I miss all of my brothers but here I am in front of the keyboard, messaging back and forth.  This can’t be real.

Then Gary’s next message was, “Bring some pot.”

Yep, that’s Gary alright.

I scrolled up and down on my screen to see what else was going on.  There were pictures of my kids, still young, smiling back at me.  My Dad,  standing on the dock behind his house.  Gee, I always liked that pic.  I wondered if I messaged my Dad, if I would get a response.  Too eerie for me, bad as I wanted to, I couldn’t.

I got to thinking that if I advanced the reset date a little further, I might could see or hear things again, that happened a little further down the line.

Gary’s Memorial Dec. 2006. Maybe I should skip that. I scrolled down some.  There were pictures of me and my boys at work at All Tell Stadium.  We were working for Wayne Weaver, owner of the Jaguars.  More pictures showed us building HabiJax houses off of Golfair. Gosh, my boys were too young back then to be doing a man’s work.

I wondered for a second, if I sent Mr. Wayne a friend request, would remember us?

Thinking about it for a minute, I must have dozed off again.  The sound of thunder brought me back.  There was that owl, still staring at me on the security monitor.  I had to hit the space bar for the computer screen to light back up.  The clock was still blinking, 12 o’clock.

I tried to scroll back to the time I was conversing with my brother but to no avail…..

“Ain’t it funny how the night moves.”


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