CattyKisms 112

Adventure has followed me my entire life.  I have been here and done that.  Now that Father Time is finally catching up with me, so has Mother Nature.


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In my later years I have come to appreciate God’s own creations that have surround me.  I love my cats and kittens.  Who would have thunk it?  They are the center of my universe.  They keep my life interesting, fill it with joy and beauty.  The appreciation I get from the good folks that get kittens from me makes my chest swell.



I lived in southern Georgia for many years, with my wife and four sons.  The job I had paid $8.00 an hour, my travel time to and from work every day was one to two hours, each way.  The future didn’t look good.  The prospects for my son’s looked bleak.  I prayed for economic relief for me and my family.  We didn’t prosper, but we survived.


I started getting letters in the mail, once a month.  A pastor that remained anonymous told me that he knew me from my past.  He knew that I desired more than what I had.  He encouraged me, telling me that I had in me what it took to achieve success.  At first, I just thought he was fishing for a donation,  but no, he never asked.  I kept getting the letters filled with a positive message, trust in the Lord have faith, sometimes the letters contained a couple of pennies taped inside, as a hint of what lay in store.  One day I get a letter with an ignition key to what he said was a 1957 Lincoln.

In the letter he said that many years before some one sent him this same key.  It was the key to his success, he wanted to be a traveling Evangelist, all he needed then, was a car.  In his letter, he said that what worked for him could work for me.  All I had to do was go look for the lock that it fit.  I took this as a sign from God.  I loaded up my boys and went 3 hours away to Jacksonville.   We slept on the floor of my nephew’s house, printed up some business cards and went searching for work.




At Home Depot, I was passing out business cards.  I ran into a fellow that asked me if we could put up a privacy fence to block out his neighbors junky yard.  He lived in Beauclerc a very nice section of town.  His neighbor’s yard was cluttered up, it was across the street from his house.  Working hard, my sons and I put the fence up in less than half a day.

The home owner’s neighbor watched us work.  His name was Mike Miller.  He owned Jacksonville Waterproofing Company.  He watched us work and was impressed.  He asked if we would like to work for him.  He offered to pay our motel room bill every week, a generous salary and to have our pay check ready on Thursday every week, so that we could leave early on Fridays to travel back home to Georgia.

This was great, we loved it.  We worked on the improvements to Alltell Stadium where the Jaguars play football.  We met the owner, Wayne Weaver.  Mr. Weaver gave us an autographed football.  Then we worked on the new Wolfson Stadium Baseball Park, after that the new  “Veterans” auditorium.  The special privileges that we enjoyed didn’t sit well with Mr. Miller’s original employees.  The other workers didn’t like being “showed” up.  The foreman split us up to work on separate crews.  Telling us that it was to get more work out of the other guys.  Then the book keeper started complaining about the trouble it caused her to have our payroll done on a different day than everyone else.  Soon their grumblings made us feel uneasy.  We started passing out more business cards.




We met a fellow by the name of Dwayne Williams, a roofing contractor.  Dwayne paid us $320.00 per roof to nail on 24 square of shingles on brand new Habijax houses. We worked for months doing over 60 houses off of Golfair and throughout the Northside of town.  We tried to do two a day.  After each job, by carefully conserving the materials, we would end up with a couple bundles of shingles and some left over materials which we saved.  By the end of the week, we had enough materials saved up to go do a small roof.  People that lived in these old neighborhoods were always in dire need for a new roof or a roof repair.  We made other contacts and after a few jobs for Ricky Blaylock, I bought two dump trucks from him.  We were in business for ourselves then, as sub contractors.


One day we gave a card to Jack Blaze, he was the foreman for Mr. John that owned Jax Bargain Plywood.  They bought and sold houses on the side.  Soon we did all of their roofs and some repairs.  They gave me a discount on the materials and if any one asked the name of a good roofer, they passed them of one of our business cards.



My income as a contractor for many years was in the six figures.  I didn’t set anything aside because I thought I was still relatively young and had many more years to enjoy success.  But after 10 hernias and 3 operations, old age caught up with me.  It took me 3 years to get my disability claim approved.  I had to sell both of my dump trucks and all of the equipment that I had accumulated.  Living below the poverty level is hard to get use to.  After my disability was approved I didn’t qualify for any government help.




Once again God intervened, through my grand daughter Claire’s love for kittens, the good Lord opened my eyes.  Just like the letters I received from the unknown preacher, the kittens she loved so much, opened my eyes.  They provided me with the opportunity to provide for my family.  Now I breed Rag Dolls and sell them via the internet all across America.  I don’t miss the dump trucks or the hernias.




No, I don’t earn the six figure income anymore, but I have had a taste of it.  The Lord has provided for me through thick and thin.  We all hold the keys to our own success, we just have to unlock whatever it is that’s holding us back.



CattyKisms 111

Surprises?  My cats and kittens never fail to surprise me.  They are such wonderful creatures.  If you observe them on a daily basis like I do, you’ll notice that they have expressions and personalities so much like humans, it’s heartwarming.




The cartoons and memes that you see and read on the internet, brighten my day.  If you have to have a fault, then being a kitty person is one you can grow old with.



Cats can add humor to an otherwise dull world.  Just when I  think I’ve seen it all, heard it all or just get disgusted and say I’m through with it all, I notice a kitten playing with the blinds or turning the pages on an opened book.  They can distract us from the everyday realities that can be so depressing if you let them.


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They keep me from being lonely, they brighten my world.  I spend my time and money providing for them, to give them back what they do for me.



Just when I think I’ve seen it all.  I find out that they aren’t through yet with finding ways to entertain me.




Pretty Boy, my doll faced Persian, hates getting a bath.  Every time I try to clean his long white fur, it ends up costing me a trip to the ER.

But once I see the results, it’s well worth the trouble.




How do you put a price on happiness?  Because that’s what my cats do, they make me happy.  I can’t put a price on what there presence does for me.  Their value is so much more than I can ever repay.  What do they demand in return?  Your love, your time and your loving care .




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I don’t mind their surprises so much any more, in fact I look forward to them.  Just as long as they don’t leave it in my shoe.



CattyKisms 110

Stocking Stuffers

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I yust go nuts at Christmas.

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I really have lots of fun.

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If the powers that powers that be,

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Would listen to me,

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they would put under the tree,

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A kitten for every one.

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Merry Christmas.


CattyKisms 109

I guess everyone wanted to sleep in late this morning.  It must have been a rough night because I got to sleep until 6:30. Or maybe its just the cooler weather.  I had kittens on my mind when I woke up this morning. My brain is still kinda foggy, waiting for the coffee to perk, but I guess I was dreaming about cute kitties.

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Well, if that be the case, let’s start this day off right.  Kittens to the left of me, kittens to the right, here I am, right in the middle of dozens of cute kitty pics.

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Let me go check on that coffee, can you guys handle it for a minute until I get back?

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I know it may be hard to believe but some people never seem to get enough of cute kitty pics.  Me?  I guess I fall into that category.  Just lucky I guess.  I can think of worse things to have on your mind when you wake up every morning.

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I am sure that there are quite a few people that agree with me on this subject.  If so, let me here from you and I’ll be posting more.  I know, not every one is a kitty person.  It didn’t take effect on me until I was in my 60’s.  All I have to say about that is, “better late than never.”

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Okay, let me drain this cup of coffee and finish up my kitty pics for today. I’ve got my kitty fix.  I’ll be in good shape for the rest of the day.

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Brrrr! Cold this morning.A person’s body normal body temp is 98.6, well a cat’s normal body temp is 101 degrees.  Remember, even though they have a fur cut, if you’re cold, so are they.  Bring ’em in and let them keep you company.  If they do for you, what they do for me, it’s a good investment.

CattyKisms 108

White Cats

What is it about white cats/kittens?  Everybody loves them, especially if they have blue eyes.

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They are special.  One man called me from Bangkok, Thailand.

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He wanted two white kittens with blue eyes.  The first thing in my head was, I’ve heard stories about Asians eating cats, hopefully not this guy.  He laughed when I said that.  He told me he had heard of it too but for me not to worry, he doesn’t eat cats.  The next day, his courier came by my house and picked up the two kittens.  Come to find out, he was working in Thailand, he lived in Florida.

My best sellers, people will send me a deposit and wait in line for one of my white kittens.  I don’t really get that many, about 8 to 10 per year.  Maybe I should keep a female.  Folks come from New York, Tulsa, Ok., Miami, Tampa, Houston and even Chicago to get one.

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One thing about white cats, they fit in with your living room decor, what ever motif you have.

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If you are only going to have one cat, it should be a white one, they are hard to resist.

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All you guys out there, if you want to capture her heart forever, give her a white kitten.  Money in the bank.

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Mom and Dads, if your little girl wants a kitten, one that will be hers, even after she leaves home. A white kitten is a must. None of her friends will have a kitten quite like hers, because they don’t grow on trees.

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Me and mine.127


CattyKisms 108



When I’m looking for inspiration or to set the mood for one of my stories, I look to my photo gallery of kitty pictures.


Be it laughter or a somber mood, my friends never fail me.


Since 88,000 homes in America have a cat, having a story that appeals to cat owners, only increases your odds of success.



There are nights when I can’t sleep, especially after a powerful dream.  Nights like these I want to write my dreams down before I forget them.  My kittens are the first to join me at the keyboard, soon followed by the adults.



The cats instantly recognize the images of other cats.  Intrigued they sit stoically while I pound the keys.



That is until curiosity takes control and they can no longer sit idly by.  Then they bum rush the monitor, only to claw fruitlessly against the glass screen, confounding their piqued interests, leaving cat hairs behind in their wake.



If their company gets to be too much for me to continue with my story telling, I turn on the electric blanket, behind me on the bed.  Then, one, by one the cats find a spot on the bed where they can curl up and keep one eye open while they view the screen.



A temporary truce is called between spatting factions until I get up from my seat to put on a pot of coffee.  Then its a procession into the kitchen, spitting and sputtering, each wanting to be first to garner my attention.



I speak to them in a soothing voice and count heads.  Once the count gets to about 8 or 9, I proceed to open a can of salmon, slice up some oven roasted turkey or a fresh can of tuna.  There is always one or two busy in the litter box.  Before I start dishing out the treats, I try to make sure no one is missing.



The mothers are strict disciplinarians.  I feed them separate, each in their own nook or cranny.  While they are feeding, they don’t allow any other cat to intrude on their domain.



The males have to be fed in separate rooms or else the kitchen becomes a sparring ring.



Once I get everyone’s breakfast served, then it’s my turn to make my cup of coffee and return to my keyboard, Oh where was I?





CattyKisms 107

With 9 adult cats and countless kittens, I don’t get 8 hours sleep any more. It’s all catnaps.  Not totally a bad thing.  That’s when my memories come back.  I get a choice, either a 45 minute nap or take the time write, while the details of the dream are fresh.

Maybe I can learn to live with out the extra nap time.

In 2012, I was scheduled for a hernia repair operation.  The exact date had was pending.  My wife Bonnie traveled to Georgia, to take care of her 96 year old mother.  The next morning the Surgery department at the Hospital, called me at 5:30 am.  They told me they had  an opening in their schedule, could I be there by 7 am?  I wanted to get the operation over as fast as possible, so that I could change my insurance companies, so I told them sure thing.


I was able to wake my sister up to take me, 4 hours later, I’m back home, stiff, sore and woozy.  I told my Sis good bye, that I was gonna go to bed and sleep and sleep it off.

I was still sleeping around 12 midnight when I woke hearing kitty crying from somewhere.  I was almost afraid to fight the drowsiness, not liking what I heard.  I felt a motion on the pillow beside me.  It took me a few minutes to get up and turn on the light.  There was Pepsi on the pillow next to mine.  She had given birth to three stillborn preemies.

Pepsi had gotten sick a day or two before. A virus of some kind.  This caused her to give premature birth.  I kept hearing meowing, little baby meowing.  Like babies looking for the mama.  I could see the babies on my pillow, they weren’t moving.

Painful as it was (oh and it was), I got down on my knees beside the bed and looked under it with the flashlight.  There on top of the old Scrabble game that Aunt Alice gave me for Christmas 40 years ago, were 3 screaming, squirming and hungry little kitties.

I was able to get a finger on the edge of the Scrabble box and pull it out from under.  Pepsi was really acting weird.  She would sniff the babies, let them suck for about a minute then she got up and walked around, coming back to sniff their noses.


Not a chance right?  It would have been easy to throw in the towel.  I mean I was hurt, semi invalid for a day or two and I’ve got three little wharf rats that needed help from somebody.  I was the only one there.  I opened a can of Walmart’s kitty milk, nuked it for 10 seconds, got an eye dropper and went to town.  I fed all three, one at a time, talking to them to ease their stress.  Afterwards I would wash their face and then rub their little bodies with a dry cloth, trying simulate a mama’s rough tongue.

I was alright as long as I was sitting up.  If I had to bend over or even stand.  Oh, I was hurting.  I was afraid I’d bust the stitches, my stomached had been sliced opened again for the third time.  My son Julius came home kinda late.  He help keep me company while I fed the three scrawny kittens.


They were different shades of red, white and pink.  As I groomed them their colors began to turn white, except for the places where their hair hadn’t grown in yet.

During all of this Pepsi want to go into the room where her three kittens had been born dead.  She was sneezing and gagging, what a dilemma.  Pepsi wasn’t any help at all.  Chico was the babies’ daddy.  He was there with me the entire time.  You can’t ask for a better helper.  He would lay in their bed and let the kittens snuggle up to him.  I kept feeding them every other hour or so.  Whenever they ate, they slept afterwards.  When I would nap, I had a place for them in my desk drawer.  When I was up and around, Chico would nap with them, to keep them warm.

Juliette 99


Things got a lot  easier when Bonnie got home.  She took some of the pressure off, helping me feed them.  She did a much better job at being mommy, than I did.


Chico acted everyday like it was his job to sheppard these kittens.  They followed him around, he taught them how to play, he kept them clean.  Well you know, clean for a boy cats purrspective.  Eventually they got up to 8 weeks.  Originally, I thought they were boys and named them Hughie, Dewey and Chewy Louie.  After a short period, I got to wondering why they didn’t act like males, so I found out then that all three were girls.  They grew up to be healthy, normal kittens and cats.



When they got 8 weeks old, they left to do what they do, make little girls happy.  My kindle (a bunch of cats), is napping still, maybe if I’m quiet, I can do the same..